Custom Drone Racing Gates – 7×6 Size (Set of 5)


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This is a custom printed set of 5 championship sized gates (7’x6′), designed by you!

This set contains 5 gates minimum. No poles or connectors are included. The gate opening is 7’x6′. This is larger than the standard 5’x5′ opening gate. Please read further to learn how your order will be processed.


1 custom gate set =  5 gates ($45/gate)

2 custom gate sets =  10 gates ($45/gate)

3 custom gate sets =  15 gates ($45/gate)

4 custom gate sets =  20 gates ($45/gate)

5+ custom gate sets =  25+ gates ($40/gate and immediate processing)



Ordering less than 5 Sets
(5-20 gates)?



Your order will be placed into a group and processed once the group is filled.


Please note the group may take 2-4 weeks to completely fill up and your order will not be processed until the group is filled. Once the group is filled it will take approximately 14-21 days to print the order.




Ordering 5+ sets (25+ gates)?



Your order will be processed as soon as possible and sent to production.


No waiting for others to complete the group! Printing and shipping will take approximately 14-21 days from payment date.


These gate panels create a 7x6 opening. No poles or connectors included. 

  • Top panel 120"x24"
  • Side panels 18"x72". 
Weight 152 oz
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 10 in